School and Library Visits

During school and library presentations, I have two goals: to provide information and to entertain. My presentations aren’t strict lectures– I work hard to make sure everyone is engaged, from the most reluctant reader to the book enthusiast. Visits are one of my favorite parts of this job!

Skype/Virtual Visits:
If an in-person visit is tricky, we can visit via Skype! Contact me for more information.

School Visits:
Bring them on! I’m happy to talk about why, how, when, and where I write, or work with you on a visit that blends perfectly with your existing curriculum. TSARINA ties very nicely into world history classes, my fairytale series makes for a great discussion of symbolism and retellings, and that my essay in THE GIRL WHO WAS ON FIRE actually has a Common Core lesson plan from the publisher all shiny and set up.

Larger presentations:
For longer classes, writing groups, or clubs, I also offer presentations on the publishing industry, story-telling, writing for teens/middle grade readers, or all of the above. For teens and young adults, a two hour course focusing on story-telling for the first half and the business of writing for the second is very popular.

I do charge an honorarium + travel expenses, since every moment I spend speaking/skyping is time I’m not writing. The fee is flexible if a bookstore is able to pre-sell copies of my book before the event. Please contact me for more information.

Send me an email at Jackson@JacksonPearce.Com if you’re interested in setting up a visit!