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Press Kit:

My press kit contains author photos, all book covers in multiple sizes, information on each book, long and short bios, and an instant interview.
Download Jackson’s Press Kit (6MB)


Before you email, know that here are things I can’t do (no exceptions):
-Answer questions about writing/publishing via email. Please check my FAQs, videos, or blog posts. The questions I am nearly always asked about publishing are ALL answered in the FAQ section of this site!
-Take interview/guest blog/ARC/charitable donation requests via email (contact the publicity department at one of my publishers for such things).
-Help you with a school project (I’m really sorry about this one– but I was barely able to get my own schoolwork done in time, so it’s best I not be responsible for yours).
-Read any unpublished writing, except for freelance editing clients. If you are interested in having me edit your work, please contact me for rates/details. Editing is only available to those 18+ (no exceptions whatsoever), and I can take on only a few clients at a time.

If you’re good with all that, you can email me at Like snail mail, I try to answer all e-mail, but can’t always. I read each email myself.

For business related inquiries, please contact my agent, Josh Adams, at

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