If you aren’t able to make it to any of my events, you can still get a signed bookplate to stick inside your book. Just send a self-addressed, stamped-envelope* to:

Jackson Pearce
P.O. Box 7008
Atlanta, GA

Make sure you tell me which of my book(s) you want it for– some of my books have special bookplates that have been specifically designed to match them. Each bookplate is individually signed– the signature isn’t printed!

Do you live in a country other than the US? Then all you need to do is ask your post office for a INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON, which you send to me with a self-addressed envelope. Almost every country has these available, and they allow me to mail your bookplate back to you.


*That means that INSIDE the envelope addressed to me, you include a second envelope addressed to yourself and stamped. I’ll put your bookplates in THAT envelope and send them back to you. The envelope can be just about any size. It’s alright to fold it to fit it in the first envelope.