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The Doublecross

The Doublecross

Hale Jordan is the “big-boned” son of spy parents– and as such, is often overlooked by his spy school classmates. But when his parents are kidnapped, he might be the only one who can save them.

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Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures

Pip is a girl who can talk to magical creatures. Her aunt is a vet for magical creatures. And her new friend Tomas is allergic to most magical creatures. When things go amok (and they often go amok), Pip uses her ability to help out the unicorns, griffins, and hobgrackles of the world.

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A historical fantasy set in Imperial Russia, about a noble girl who must find and use a magical Faberge egg to save her country– and the life of Alexei Romanov.

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Praise for SWEETLY:
“It is easy to care what happens to these characters, even when readers are left wondering who is on the right side and who is not…will still satisfy readers looking for a thrill.”

Praise for SISTERS RED:
“…It’s the compelling love stories that drive the tale—the sisters’ affection for each other, the first breathless flush of infatuation between Rosie and Silas, and Scarlett’s love of the hunt. Readers of Stephenie Meyer, Donna Jo Napoli, and Shannon Hale will enjoy…”

Praise for SISTERS RED:
“Pearce is on the mark with this modern-day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Told by the sisters in alternating chapters, this well-written, high-action adventure grabs readers and never lets go.”
School Library Journal (Starred Review)

Praise for TSARINA:
“Romance, adventure, magic and history blend seamlessly into a story that is not just historically sensitive and gloriously thrilling—it’s essential moral reading.”
Kirkus (Starred Review)

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